Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thanksgiving photos

On Thanksgiving everyone came home!!!! yay. so we took advantage of that and asked Pam to take some family photos. She did...of everyone but her family!!! so we don't have any photos of the Taylor family but otherwise it's cool.

First photo is the Collins! Can you call holding your son upside down police brutallity?

Mati and his girls

The boys horsing around

Amanda, Jason & Emmit. I think Em wants to go back with abuela!

Paul and Eddie borrowing the babies

the best pyramid

I guess Mati being the older can order his brothers to carry him around

my baby boys

the best reason not to kill your teenage children: grandbabies!

Con bisabuelo

Monday, May 16, 2011

A day at the zoo

Just a couple of days after Bryce came home from his mission, Dan, Natalie, Emi and Maverik came to visit. With so many little cousins together we decided to go to the zoo for the day. We had a really good time together while the kids played and try to see the very tired-looking animals at the zoo and the many, many, many birds.

Lacey, covered from head to toe in sunscreen, did her best to make sure we didn't forget she was there.

Two tough guys...or is it two monkeys?

Rachel enjoying her licorice

Alana took great care of Emi, she helped her with everything.

Dan, Natalie and Mav in the stroller. hopefully they had a good time.

Harrison wanted a photo with Emmit. don't they look great?

Ian and Bryce watching some kind of big lizard.

Jason and Harrison driving the jeep and Luke on the back being chased by a big t-rex! (oh, wait, that's jurasic park, ok, so they are just taking a photo on a jeep)

Pam trying to make sure the children don't fall in the pond

Harrison taking a little breather by the fountain

Is there anything there?

Ian: tio Jason and tio Bryce are not tough! I'm the big guy here

here ducky ducky

Dan, Abuelo and Bryce

There is something way back there.

Memories made this year


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